FFXIV Leveling Guide – Best Final Fantasy Guides in 2021

Ffxiv Leveling Guide

If you are watching for information on an FFXIV Leveling guide, this article will help you and tell you a few things that a useful guide can do for you in the game, who they are for, and the limitations of a leveling guide.

First off, Final Fantasy 14 is very new, and there is a huge rush of players trying to reach the level cap. As with most MMORG’s, this implies that most hardcore gamers will stay up several nights in a row just to beat the game and claim that they got to the level cap first. With FFXIV, the level cap is currently 50, and another starting zones depend on what race you are.

Ffxiv Blue Mage Leveling Guide
Ffxiv Blue Mage Leveling Guide

FFXIV Levelling Guide

Final Fantasy XIV – Hunting Log

Hunting Logs are Class-specific bounties to slay ten common opponents a certain number of times, in exchange for an EXP reward. Rank 1 to Rank 5, players receive an extra EXP reward for slaying every enemy in each bracket before unlocking the next.

The Hunting Log is a valuable resource of quick EXP when there are few alternatives available to new players. Though EXP accretions continue up to Level 50, this resource for EXP is outclassed by other added or updated methods in recent years.

Final Fantasy XIV – FATEs

Full Active Time Events (FATEs) are overworld mob fights for sharpening EXP. These events randomly spawn or are triggered and offer prizes for the completion of timed objectives. The utility of these rewards is scaled according to a ranking of Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Grinding out FATEs as soon as possible at a party can be an excellent EXP resource, but that value deteriorates quickly when playing solo. Modestly put, the time/effort to complete objectives doesn’t justify the reward, but it can be an effective way of killing time between queues.

Final Fantasy XIV – Guildhests

Guildhests place a party of 4 heroes into a short instanced dungeon that will require teamwork to complete. These introduce players to class abilities and team play such as crowd control as a tank, or status effect management as a healer.

Like the Hunting Log before it, Guildhests give an incredible boost for new players due to their first bonus. In extension to this, the Daily Roulette: Guildhests provides an additional bonus EXP amount for daily grinds, though this will become obsolete after Level 50.

Final Fantasy XIV – Levequests

The Levequest system is an excellent source of continual EXP grinding, and until level 50, they are a primary source of EXP. Players consume Levequest allowances to participate solo, or in a party, in small scale open world objectives that may be repeated as long as budgets remain.

At first, the regeneration of allowances was slow, but adjustments were made. If players are growing in a levequest, they gain EXP from the battle and the duty completion and bonuses for the swift completion time and difficulty of the fight, which can be scaled.

Final Fantasy XIV – Dungeons and Squadrons

You will use much of the game to complete and repeating FFXIV’s massive selection of more than 70+ dungeons. Not to worry, though, 90% of them are only as good on subsequent playthroughs, but some conditions apply, Aurum Vale.

Upon attaining the rank of Second Lieutenant or higher with their Grand Company, players can unlock Squadrons. Squadrons provide players entry into instanced dungeons with computer-operated AI party members to customize and outfit as they wish.

Due to the number of enemies slain in a typical dungeon, these instanced areas for a party of players are excellent EXP sources on their own, with new dungeons being added all the time. Their real potential is realized when combined with several other items found on this list and the Challenge Log.

Final Fantasy XIV – Challenge Log

The Challenge Log gives the player weekly completion tasks, such as completing five dungeons or giving a certain number of player commendations in exchange for high Gil and EXP rewards that scale to the player’s current level.

Rewards in EXP are largely due to the scaling effect, which increases EXP. In addition to this, the Challenge Log objectives for dungeon runs take advantage of the many benefits passively applied to the character, like EXP% buffs and EXP% gear.

Final Fantasy XIV – Additional Quests and Tips

Hall of the Novice will have the player’s entire tutorials for the game’s various roles, such as attacking enemies from the rear v. flank to boost damage as a DPS. Beyond armor, players will receive the Brand New Ring, an EXP boosting item, for completing all trials.

The Hunt and Beast Tribe Quests offer the character new EXP gaining options with weekly and daily resets, respectively. First introduced in Patch 2.1, these features have been continually expanded with each subsequent expansion.

Buffs + Gear include all EXP boosting details, including but not limited to: stat-boosting foods, accessories, Grand Company or Free Company buffs, Rested EXP, and an Armoury Bonus. Granted most of these become available in later parts of the game, these tools will be more valuable for leveling alts and not for new players.


Q: How long does it take to level in ff14?
A: Like 20 hours for 1-50, 20 hours for 50 content, 20 for 50-60 stuff, and like 10 hours for grinding to the next story quest or getting a class to 15 for a job.
Q: Is Potd the best way to level?
A: In a few words, the POTD is a very effective way of leveling jobs after you cleared the MSQ and so until level 60 where you can go to Heaven on High (that’s POTD, but for level 61-70). Remember that joining a party should (if you don’t all die because of 2 traps in a row) make things a lot faster and funnier!
Q: How long does it take to get to level 70 Ffxiv?
A: It will generally take around 20 hours to go from level 60 to 70, with an average of two hours per level. As you approach 70, these levels will be slightly longer, but the difference between 60 to 61 and 69 to 70 is only a few minutes.
Q: Can your power level in ff14?
A: You’ll get a new set of class quests every five levels you reach until you level 15. From here, make sure you do a bit of FFXIV power leveling once you’ve chosen your Job. You can only level one of these at a time, but each rewards you with lots of EXP.

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