Waze vs Google Maps: Which One is More Better?

Waze Vs Google Maps

Waze vs Google Maps: Navigation has, in current times, revolutionized the way we drive. From guiding us from one place to the other to suggesting alternative routes to divert traffic, navigation has become a go-to for everyone.

There are several navigation apps in the market, with new ones coming up every day. But two such apps have proved to be better than any other. These apps are Google Maps and Waze. Additionally, there has been much discussion regarding which of the two apps being the best navigation app. This is because both of these apps are relatively consistent in giving more or less accurate directions.

Google Maps is great for getting from point A to point B. It has very specific descriptors of roads and is a go-to for those who need to know where they are going. Optimizing your business for Google Maps will help potential customers easily find your business, and as a result, is a handy and beneficial tool that, when properly used, can rake in great results.

Waze App Vs Google Maps
Waze App Vs Google Maps

What is Waze?

Google purchased Waze in 2013 and received it as a separate community-based GPS navigation app with several real-time, crowd-sourced social networking features. Waze users can warn fellow drivers of accidents, hazards, road closures, speed traps, police activity, and other issues that may call for replacing your route — either to get to your destination more quickly or to stay out of the form— complete with an ETA based on current traffic conditions.

With Waze, you can also listen to your favorite music from apps like Spotify and podcasts from within the program. The app also helps you find the most reasonable gas stations along your route, and in conjunction with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can use Waze on your car’s display, if it has one. Pick from various app audio voices to guide you while you drive and use Waze to manage carpools in which drivers can give rides or find companions to carpool. Waze is free and ad-supported. It even has a motorcycle mode.

Waze Vs Google Maps Data Usage
Waze Vs Google Maps Data Usage

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a popular navigation app that gives navigation for anyone, whether they are trekking, biking, or using city transportation, in addition to driving with accurate turn-by-turn directions and helpful lane designations. The maps also show the location of many businesses and local landmarks and points of interest, making the app useful for getting a broad overview of a region or part of town, seeing what else is near your target, and other traditional static map functions.

You can also add a stop on the route to your final destination. Google does Google with Maps by integrating other public services like Google Assistant, Google Street View, transportation network and ride-sharing companies, and Google Search. In more current versions, Google Maps has added Waze-like features like real-time traffic updates and augmented reality features that help with directions for walking around new neighborhoods.

Waze Vs Google Maps Reddit
Waze Vs Google Maps Reddit

Waze vs Google Maps

While both apps offer turn by turn regulations, there are a few key differences between Google Maps and Waze:

  • Waze is community-based, Google Maps is more data-based.
  • Waze is pretty much only for cars; Google Maps offers walking, driving, biking, and public transportation directions. They also have built-in Explore features that enable users to see events, reviews, photos, points of interest, etc. There’s also the street view mode to see things at street level.
  • Waze needs a data connection; Google Maps is available offline.
  • Google Maps includes business data such as menus, hours, and phone numbers, while Waze does not.
  • Waze gives real-time info such as road closures, road hazards, traffic alerts, and real-time traffic conditions based on driver data. Google Maps has only begun to cover some of these features recently.
  • Google Maps uses a traditional navigation interface, while Waze offers a sleek and minimal interface using the latest design language.
  • Google Maps is almost basic; Waze offers a high level of customization (including celebrity voices!)

In short, Google Maps is a simplistic but powerful navigation tool that selects the quickest and most efficient route.

Waze gathers data from a bunch of different users and leverages that data to tailor your trip experience, giving you the most efficient route that’s free of obstacles and other nuisances.

Waze Pros/Cons


  • Crowd-sourced
  • Helps users flag traffic hazard and police alerts
  • Provides aggressive re-routing based on user-submitted data
  • Maps tuned by local experts


  • Displays Advertisements
  • Less insight available for locations
  • More suited for drivers

Google Maps Pros/Cons


  • Feature-rich
  • Integrates well with other apps
  • Provides information on Public Transportation methods
  • More details on the location
  • Offline maps


  • No community-based or user-reported alerts


Q: Which one is better than Google Maps or Waze?
A: Google Maps seems to be more reliable and accurate and has better real-time traffic, whereas Waze has a more massive army of fans who think the app is fantastic and loves its voice prompts feature. However, updates caused issues for both apps. If you’re after better voice directions, go for Waze.
Q: Does WAZE use more data than Google Maps?
A: Apple Maps and Google Maps use more data, with the latter being more economical. Google Maps use around 0.6MB of data per hour, and Waze uses only about 0.23MB an hour, and it will go lower than that if you plot your directions or maps while you’re on Wifi.
Q: Do Google Maps own Waze?
A: In June 2013, Google bought Waze for $966 million to add social data to its mapping business.
Q: Why are Google Maps and Waze separate?
A: Alphabet is an umbrella company that owns Google and Waze (and others). For acquisitions and breaking apart companies, it’s more comfortable and more ‘clean’ legally to have them separate from entities even they are owned and have all the larger ‘holding’ company’s resources. I hope this helps.


Google Maps and Waze are broadly similar, providing similar routes and navigation experiences. That said, Google Maps wins in terms of interface, navigation, and search.

While Waze can help you out in an incredibly sticky traffic situation and includes more up-to-date information, the clunky interface and disappointing search aren’t as worth the trouble as they once were. As a result, we recommend Google Maps as our favorite GPS.

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